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We offer a full health guarantee with our kittens. Our kittens are guaranteed to be negative and are to be Felv & FIV tested upon receipt. We have references upon request, we are working on a scrap book page from our past purchasers. We have just been changing out our lines to produce more Blue & Odd Eyed babies, so we are in the process of having all of our breeding stock HCM tested.We have references upon request, we are working on a scrap book page from our past purchasers. We have just been changing out
our lines to produce more Blue & Odd Eyed babies.

I wanted to help introduce you to my sphynx and my website.
I hope this question and answer section will better help you to understand the breed. They are the most Unique, loving, and special pet/family member you could ever hope to find.

If you have any other questions that are not answered below feel free to e-mail me......


Q and A
What are the characteristics of the Sphynx cat?

The most obvious and unique feature of the Sphynx is that it is hairless. Sphynx cats have large
eyes and ears. Don't forget to check out our picture gallery to get a firsthand look at these characteristics!

Do Sphynx cats need more maintenance than other breeds?

The Sphynx breed need a bath once a week. The natural oils that make a furry cat soft and shiny come to the surface and collect on a hairless cat's skin. Then, dust from normal living attracts
and looks much like ring around the collar. I recommend an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo from your vet to thoroughly cleanse the skin once per week.

Will I be allergic to Sphynx cats?

Some people that are allergic to cats can tolerate the Sphynx breed. Other people who are allergic and/or have asthma are not able to tolerate them. If you have any cat and suffer from allergies, bathing the cat regularly may help. A sphynx should be bathed regularly and this may help you tolerate them.

What kind of personality does the Sphynx have?

I am prejudiced, but this breed is by far among the friendliest, playfully active, curious, and personable breed of cat. They want to be where you are. They greet you at the door when you
come home and prefer to spend lots of their time with you either playing or sleeping on your lap.

Do males or females make the best pet?

Do not be afraid to adopt a male kitten. If you are purchasing as a pet and alter your male you should have no problem with spraying and a male is every bit as affectionate or more so than females. Either make wonderful pets.

What is the price for a Sphynx Cat?

Prices vary, depending on the amount of hair. Naturally, the more hair, the less expensive.
Likewise, the more bald, the higher the price. Generally, prices range from 800.00 for pets. Pets
must be neutered or spayed. Breeders/Show prices are usually 1500.00 up to 2500.00 even
$3500.00 for Rare Odd Eyed with full T.I.C.A. & C.F.A. registration.

Why are they so expensive?

Sphynx are still a rare breed. They require more care to raise. Their rarity and special care make
them more expensive then normal cats.

Do Sphynx cats have more health problems then other breeds?

Once a sphynx kitten as with ALL cat breeds reaches about six months of age they are very
healthy. This is when their immune system seems to kick in. During that first six months they do have a tendency to catch mild colds occasionally as with most kittens, puppies, children.

Do special precautions have to be taken to keep them warmer, since they have no fur?

Generally if you are comfortable in your home it is most likely ok for your cats. As long as you provide something as inexpensive as an old comforter for them to curl up in they are fine. They
are very good at finding sources of heat...lights, appliances, heaters etc. I keep a heating pad on
the "cat couch" and they can always snuggle up there if they like.

Do you guarantee their health?

Yes, I guarantee them against anything genetic. But, you must contact me with any health
problems as soon as they occur. Many vets are not familiar with this breed. As with any animal certain illnesses need medical attention right away. I recommend medical attention for colds, diarrhea, or anything that seems out of the ordinary.

It is always possible that during times of stress such as going to a new home, shipping, change of climate  cats/kittens may exhibit mild temporary signs of illness such as:
sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea or constipation.

**If there are any signs like described the kitten must immediately be taken to a licensed Vet for medical treatment.**

If other breeders won't tell you this or say it doesn't happen then 
It happens even in people when you travel sometimes. I'm not saying in any way you should expect a sick cat/kitten. I'm simply stating MILD symptoms are possible.

This does not mean the cat is medically unsound and seller is not responsible for symptoms brought on by stress.



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